6.0 Ford Power Stroke Tunes (Stock Injectors)


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6 Liter Tune Descriptions for Stock Nozzle Injectors:

Street Race Lite (SRL)

Awesome daily driver file (no towing) with butt kicking response, low smoke, and outrageous power. The best shifting all-around street file on the market period! Typical gains of 1-3 MPG have also been reported with this file.

Studded SRL (SRL+)

The one up to SRL for studded trucks. Simply adds boost over SRL for 10-15 more HP and 50-60 more FT/LBS of torque.

8000 Lb Tow (8K Tow)

This tow file is rated for 8000 pounds of towing without being studded. Studded trucks can tow 13000 pounds with this file.

Unlimited Tow

Since this file maintains stock fuel parameters, it can tow whatever you want while giving better shift firmness than stock.

Extreme SRL

SRL+ have you craving more? This is the file for you!

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