Ironman 4X4

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The timeless look of our light weight outback style bumper isn’t just pretty package for the front of your Lexus GX460, it’s packed with an abundance of features delivering the absolute best value on the market. The protective steel bumper increases approach angle gains for lifted vehicles that use the full range of suspension.

Engineered to be the safest and smartest bumper you can install on the front of a vehicle. These Ironman 4x4 bumpers go through rigorous testing for compliance with Australian Design Regulation (ADR), crash safety tested and SRS airbag compliant, protecting both you and your passengers along with your vehicle.

The two-part design provides optimum winch placement, anchoring the winch tray directly to the chassis and placing the winch in the strongest and safest position for demanding recoveries. This design greatly decreases stress on the front of the vehicle and bumper during aggressive recoveries preventing any twisting of the bumper shell found with competitors’ products.

It doesn’t stop there either. The Ironman 4x4 Classic off road bumper includes fog lights, LED indicators, full integrated Hi-Lift Jack points, and a full hoop. The hoop helps protect the headlights and grill plus you can see the outer front corners of the bumper, helpful in tight spots. 

To enclose all these benefits in this lightweight housing, we sealed the steel bumper in nothing less than the highest quality powder coating. Ultra-durable Akzo Nobel Black Powder Coating is put through a rigorous pre-treatment which equates to the finest protection in rust and corrosion resistance imaginable.

Standard features:

  • Winch ready two part winch mounting system
  • Recessed LED fog light pockets
  • ADR 69, 73 approved (Full Frontal and Offset Impact Occupant Protection)
  • Tested to the highest standards in compliance with Australian Design Regulation,
  • Air bag tested and certified
  • Two-part design with the winch cradle mounting directly to your chassis for the strongest possible winching platform to provide safety even in the harshest recovery situations
  • Winch compatible with clutch handle access and line visibility
  • Pickled, cold-rolled steel manufacturing for impurity free template during assembly
  • Ultra-durable AKZO NOBEL Black Powder Coat and pre-treated steel for rust resistance
  • 360° Robotic welding for consistently precise welds resulting in peak quality and unequaled strength
  • A-frame triple loop design
  • Tough polyurethane bumpers to eliminate wear and keep factory form
  • Hi-lift Jack points built into the bumper so there’s no need for high lift hooks
  • LED Parking and Turn signal lights included and can be wired in conjunction with factory
  • Increased approach angle enhancement for maximum use of every inch of your suspension
  • 119LBS of additional vehicle weight after removing OEM parts and installing the Ironman 4x4 bumper



  • Fog Lights w/ wiring harness
  • LED running lights and turn signal lights
  • Winch Tray
  • Winch Ready Bumper w/install hardware and instructions
  • Side and Under Guards


LED Light Options:

  • Ironman 4x4 halogen fog light kit. Part Number: BBPART008
  • Ironman 4x4 LED fog light kit upgrade. Part Number: BBPART031


Ironman 4x4 Classic Bumper fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2010 - 2013 Lexus GX460


Estimated Install Time:

  • 4-6 hours

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