Ironman 4X4

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If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of protection and style for your overland, wheeling, or daily driver look no further. The timeless look of our lightweight outback style bumper isn’t just a pretty package to replace the front bumper of your Lexus LX450 or Toyota 80 Series 4-Wheel Drive, it’s packed with an abundance of features delivering the absolute best value on the market. This highly protective steel bumper increases approach angle gains for lifted vehicles as well as providing increased frontal protection for your rig.

Unlike most brush guards and bull bars on the market, we engineered ours to be the safest and smartest bumper you can install on the front of your vehicle. Ironman 4x4 bumpers go through rigorous testing, including Australian Design Regulation (ADR) compliance, crash safety testing and SRS airbag compliance, to ensure maximum protection for you, your passengers and your vehicle. Adding this bumper to the front of the vehicle doesn't take away any standard options. These bumpers are airbag compatible, (on equipped vehicles), so safety still stays a top priority.

The Ironman 4x4 two-part design provides ideal placement for the winch body on the frame for those dramatic escapes and hard rescues or recoveries. We achieve this by anchoring the winch tray directly to the chassis, increasing strength and reducing additional front-end weight. Making you better equipped to tackle the most demanding recoveries. This design greatly decreases stress on the front of the vehicle and prevents twisting or bending the bumper.

It doesn’t stop there...The Ironman 4x4 Classic off-road bumper includes fog lights, LED indicators, reinforced and integrated Hi-Lift Jack points, and a full hoop. The hoop helps protect the headlights and grill plus you can see the outer front corners of the bumper, helpful in tight spots. Our bumpers also feature a full internal reinforcement ensuring maximum strength and rigidity.

Our bumpers are made with the highest quality SPHC grade steel and sealed using the gold standard in powder coating finishes – AKZO NOBEL powder coat. This results in a top-notch smooth satin finish and provides excellent scratch, rust and corrosion resistance while also reducing UV fading caused in prolonged harsh sun.

Standard features:

·      Winch compatible two-part mounting system

·      Accommodations for a wide range of lighting options

·      Recessed fog light pockets come standard with Ironman 4x4 halogen lights

·      ADR 69, 73 approved (Full Frontal and Offset Impact Occupant Protection)

·      Tested to the highest standards of compliance with Australian Design Regulation

·      Airbag tested and compatible

·      Two-part design with direct mount of winch cradle to chassis provides ultimate strength for bold recovery situations

·      Winch accessibility with clutch handle access with line spool visibility

·      Oil and pickled rolled steel

·      Ultra-durable AKZO NOBEL Black Powder Coat and pre-treated steel for rust resistance

·      360° Robotic welding for consistence and precise welds resulting in peak quality and unequaled strength

·      A-frame triple hoop design for high level protection

·      UV stabilized polyurethane bumper over-riders reduce wear while providing light shock absorption from soft impacts

·      Deep Hi-lift Jack points reinforced into bumper eliminating the need for high lift hooks

·      LED Parking and Turn signal lights included and can be wired in conjunction with factory

·      Increase approach angle enhancement gives you maximum use of every inch of your suspension

·      119LBS of additional vehicle weight after removing OEM parts and installing the Ironman 4x4

·      Integrated welded antenna mounting point for aerial antenna

·      Spare and replacement parts available


·      Standard 10" x 4 1/2" Winch mounting bolt pattern

·      Hoop tube diameter: 2" (51mm)

·      Can mount up to a 9" light in the hoop

·      Lightweight SPHC grade steel construction

·      Compatible with vehicle safety systems

·      Designed and engineered using high tech 3d scanning

·      CNC laser cut and 360-degree robotic welds


·      1 x Ironman 4x4 Classic Bumper

·      1 x Ironman 4x4 Winch Tray mounting bracket

·      LED running lights and turn signal lights

·      2 x Ironman 4x4 Halogen Fog Lights w/ wiring harness

·      2 x Front and side stone guard panels

Light Options and Accessories:

  • Ironman 4x4 halogen fog light kit (included). Part Number:BBPART008
  • Ironman 4x4 LED fog light kit upgrade. Part Number:BBPART031
  • Ironman 4x4 9500 Monster winch with steel cable. Part Number:WWB12000
  • Ironman 4x4 9500 Monster winch with Synthetic rope. Part Number:WWB12000SR
  • Ironman 4x4 1200 Monster winch with steel cable. Part Number:WWB9500
  • Ironman 4x4 1200 Monster winch with Synthetic rope. Part Number:WWB9500SR

Ironman 4x4 Classic Bumper fits the following vehicle(s):

·      1995-1997 Lexus LX450 4-wheel drive

·      Toyota 80 Series 1990-1997 4-wheel drive

Estimated Install Time:

  • ·      4-6 hours

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