Reinharte Model 3 Coilovers


  • $2,495.00

Only 6 left!

They're finally here. A US based option for the model 3 from a well known tuner coilovers mfg. That are more than the entry level options we have previously had. These are the step before you go all out with 2 or 3 ways.

-Reinharte dampers also feature special epoxy polymer coating that is bonded to the surface by electroplating process, also known as EDP. This method of coating is more durable than the powdercoating
and zinc coating which are commonly found on many coilovers. EDP coating has superior corrosion resistance and will provide years of rust free service.

-We designed the rear spring perch to be on the top so the ride height can be adjusted without having to remove the whole spring and spring perch. Rear spring perch is designed to use linear 65mm ID
springs for easy spring rate changes.

-Upper mounts come with solid pillowball bearings for durability and response. This also eliminates removing the OEM top mounts for easier install. Rear lower brackets come with Aurora self lubricating 3pcs
bearing to eliminate unwanted deflection from rubber bushings.

-Assembled in house and every damper is tested on our Roehrig shock dyno. Rebuild/revalve after service is available.

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