Subaru FEAL Coilovers


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Feal Coilovers are designed with expertise backed by success in many top-level international motorsports and through years of experience tuning various shock brands. They have spent countless hours testing and are pleased to offer you various options to fit your driving needs.


FEAL 441
Standard FEAL 441s with private labeled FEAL Springs. Great option for those who don't want Swift Springs and are ok with the standard Spring rate. 

FEAL 441+
The FEAL 441s with the Swift spring upgrade. You can choose a custom spring rate at no extra charge. 

FEAL 441 Max Travel/Max Travel +

The Max Travel kit has about 20% more suspension stroke than most coilover kits on the market. That means that the Max Travel kit provides more suspension travel for comfort on terrain that your significant other may not appreciate.

These kits are valved slightly differently than our default 441 kits to accommodate lower spring rates. Even though the spring rates are lower than our default 441 kit, they are still higher then OEM spring rates and will result in a firmer and more controlled ride then factory suspension.

Max Travel kit benefits over other coilovers:

-Max comfort and suspension travel
-Allows for a slight lift over stock ride height (about 1")
-Allows for a slight drop under stock ride height (.5-1" depending on model)
Max Travel + includes Swift Springs

Max Travel Spring rates are 6k/6k on most applications. 

WRX/STI GD 6k/4k

FEAL 441 Road Race

The Feal 441 Road Race spec coilover kit is a completely custom hand-built kit that is ready to ship or be picked in 3-5 business days.

After you place an order we gather relevant information about your car and driving:

Tire size

Tire UTQG rating

Road Race, Autocross, or Street?

Smooth or rough terrain?

Effective aero used?

Based off of your vehicle data above, we select the appropriate Natural Frequency for your suspension and mathematically calculate the optimal spring rate to yield the targeted Natural Frequency. Only Swift brand springs are used.

Your shock cartridge is assembled in house from scratch with custom valving and super high viscosity index Maxima Shock Fluid. All Feal 441 Road Race kits utilize our digressive valving settings, custom damping profile, and calculated spring rate to suit your specific needs.

The Feal 441 Road Race kit is great for the dedicated track car, autocross car, or your unique weekend ride!

The Feal 441 Road Race spec kits are used by teams in Redline Time Attack, Global Time Attack, SCCA Autocross, Hill Climbs, NASA Road Racing, and various track day events all over the country.

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